Hi. My name is Shia. I’m that cougar you may not know yet, but that will change soon.

Uncle Shasta

Chances are that you’ve heard of my famous uncle, Shasta.

My pops was Shasta VI, but he retired early, leaving my uncle, Shasta VII to be the mascot for the great University of Houston.

Pops (Shasta VI)

Yep, my family is in the university pride business and I’m ready to take over. But my folks won’t take me seriously. They tell me I’m too young to be at events that involve rowdy and proud college students, but I’ll show them.

After a catty debate with my parents, I managed to strike a deal with them. (I’ll teach you my ways someday.) They agreed to send me to Houston “to do some living and learning.” If I prove that I can keep focused and stay out of trouble, they will fund my

That's me, Shia!

tuition for mascot school. I know it sounds easy, but I’m a free spirit with a lot of passion. So, it’s going to be pretty hard to contain myself while watching my uncle live out my dream. I’m hoping Uncle Shasta will let me have a few gigs. In my opinion, he’s getting old and could use some nights off. I’m sure Sasha won’t mind having him to herself once in a while.

So, here I am in the fourth largest city in the U.S., hanging out with my celebrity uncle, and loving life at UH. I’m pretty excited to go to all the UH games, readings, competitions and all that. Look for me if you are on campus, or around town!