Hey, everyone!  Shia here, Shasta’s little protégé 🙂 I don’t know about you guys but after spring semester, I needed a break. I opted out of summer school this year to “broaden my horizons” – a/k/a touring the world with my buddy Thomas. I met Tom at a UH photo shoot – he’s a photographer for the university. Check out his photoblog. Anyway, we went all over the place (crazy fun!). Shasta, if you are reading this, NO, I did not cause a world of trouble.  I was very, very good . . . mostly. Okay, well at least, I was very good in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Dubrovnik is really old, like from before the Middle Ages. It’s on the Adriatic Sea and it’s a BIG tourist spot.  The people here call Dubrovnik  “Pearl of the Adriatic” because it has the hottest beaches, lots of historic buildings, and a bunch of really cool hotels.  It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which basically means everybody in the world agrees this place is really important.

One of the best sightseeing spots is Old Town, no cars or buses allowed. We walked down these narrow cobblestone streets. It was like going back in time, and I imagined what it would be like to live in one of the old stone houses around us. Except that now most of them are museums, shops and restaurants.

"Old Town" Dubrovnik, Coatia

Along the way, I bought my Aunt Sasha some hand cream made from a recipe that’s 500 years old! Wow! It’s from the Franciscan Monastery Museum, which  has artifacts from one of the world’s oldest pharmacies. Aunt Sasha is going to love this stuff.

Finally we were ready to do the thing every tourist must do: walk the wall.  It’s this wide, tall stone wall around the whole city. Thomas put me up on his shoulder and stepped out on a stone path that’s 60 to 75 feet above the ground in places. The wall was built at the end of the Middle Ages. People built towers along the wall to protect the city from enemies.  Shasta would love this wall. It’s old and tough, like he is. It was nice to give my paws a break & ride on Thomas’ shoulder while he walked the whole wall. It only took an hour and I saw the city, the beach and even an island just off the coast.

When we were done, we checked out the beautiful Sponza Palace. It’s a castle that was built during the Renaissance. Get this – it was built before concrete, but it withstood an earthquake that almost destroyed the whole city in 1667.

By this time the sun was setting and Thomas and I were starving. He treated me to a Friar’s steak. That’s a Dubrovnik version of rib eye with lots of Mediterranean herbs. Yep, it was great, but it made me miss the juicy steaks my Coogs grill back home.

We went to a ton of other exotic places too, and I’ll be sharing it all with you. I can say this about Dubrovnik: I still can’t pronounce the name, but I’ve got the T-shirt.